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About Us

Here at 10-4 Tow, we boast over fifteen years of experience in the towing industry. Recently launched and already boasting several branches across California & Texas, we are a fast-growing towing franchise dedicated to premier quality towing and roadside assistance services, at highly competitive rates. It is our goal to become a nation-wide franchise and revolutionize the auto towing industry as it is known today.

10-4 Tow is a growing nationwide towing and roadside assistance franchise providing its customers with a new standard of towing & roadside help experience, with great customer care, a timely service and highly competitive rates.

Our franchisees are all family owned towing companies. With us, they all benefit from the much-needed support of an amazing customer service department and impeccable management solutions. All the while increasing their income and growing their business options.

We truly believe that, 10-4 Tow’s vision of the new service experience offered through our team of franchisees, will become the new standard across the United States.

With 10-4 Tow,  you can rest assured that you are in trusted hands. This includes licensed, insured & uniformed tow truck drivers exclusively, a 24/7 manned dispatch center & a courteous client support department, highly reasonable rates & much more. The ultimate experience individually fitted to your personal towing needs.

Each and every local branch is committed to serving its community through non- stop availability, hard work and loyalty to the best of its ability. That is our pledge to you!

Join us on our journey to the new era of towing solutions…