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10-4 TOW Santa Clara

10-4 Tow is a licensed franchise company serving domestic and commercial customers across the country. And our Santa Clara branch offers a comprehensive selection of services to help you in emergencies.
Our local team provides towing and roadside assistance solutions through a network of professional affiliates. They’re trained, experienced, and equipped to solve any problem you might run into on the road.
We’re fast. We’re reliable. And we’re here for you right now.

10-4 Tow Of Santa Clara

Emergency Roadside Services

2320 Walsh Ave, Suite B, Santa Clara, CA, 95051

(408) 326-0898

Opening Hours: Open 24 Hours

Payment Methods: Cash, Credit card

Accepted Currency: USD

Santa Clara

Towing Services

10-4 Tow Santa Clara

Towing Services

24/7 Towing Services With a Quick Response in Santa Clara, CA

10-4 Tow’s affiliates work on vehicles of all makes and models, from cars and trucks to motorcycles. They can tow everything from family cars and smaller vans to heavy-duty trucks.
Our Santa Clara towing solutions include:

Each service we provide is performed by reliable towing professionals committed to delivering a positive customer experience in every situation.

Professional Heavy-Duty Towing & Roadside Assistance

10-4 Tow also provides 24-hour heavy-duty vehicle services in Santa Clara, CA. Our team is dedicated to servicing all types and models of heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions for your needs. From towing to repairs and maintenance, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any task. Our Services include:

Trust 10-4 Tow for top-notch service that keeps your heavy-duty vehicles running smoothly. Contact us today for all your heavy-duty vehicle service requirements in Santa Clara, CA.

10-4 Tow is Here for Any Roadside Emergency!

10-4 Tow’s portfolio of services extends far beyond towing. We know how difficult and disruptive a flat tire, empty gas tank, or drained battery can be. These issues can strike at any time and bring your day (or night) to a halt without warning. But our roadside assistance solutions have you covered.
10-4 Tow’s network of local Santa Clara affiliates is available to provide you with a range of quality roadside services to help you get back on track. These include:

You can trust 10-4 Tow to send an expert to your location quickly when you call for help. We know the area so well we can find the fastest route to reach you, wherever you are.
Just tell us what you need. We’ll take your details and dispatch a technician immediately.

Auto Locksmith Services to Help You on Your Way

One of the most frustrating issues for any driver is losing your keys. You could find yourself locked out of your car first thing in the morning when you’re ready to take the kids to school.
You could run frantically through your house trying to find your misplaced keys, tossing couch cushions aside, and crawling on all fours to look under beds and tables.
But sometimes, you just need a trained professional to help you get back into your car fast. And our Santa Clara towing affiliates can do just that.
10-4 Tow’s auto locksmith services are ideal for any key-related emergency. We offer:

You might be tempted to try to pick a lock yourself or even try to force entry into your own vehicle. But that can be dangerous: you could damage your car or truck, and even injure yourself if you’re not careful. Trust 10-4 Tow’s affiliates to do it right. Just pick up the phone and call our friendly team now.

24/7 Roadside Services Available in Santa Clara, CA

10-4 Tow’s Santa Clara branch operates 24 hours a day. Every day. Every week. And that’s crucial when mechanical issues or accidents can occur at any time.
Accidents, flat tires, drained batteries, lost keys, empty gas tanks — these and other problems won’t wait until the most convenient moment. They could delay your journey to an important meeting or disrupt a day out with the family before it’s even begun. But with our 24-hour service, you can enjoy total peace of mind: we’ll send one of our reliable affiliates to help you at any time. Day or night. Weekday or weekend. 10-4 Tow is happy to help.

Affordable Rates on all Services

High prices are the last thing you want to think about when your car is run off the road or you have a flat tire. You’re focused on solving the problem and getting on with the rest of your day. At 10-4 Tow, we’re dedicated to offering each service at a highly competitive price. We’ll provide you with an honest quote with NO hidden costs.
Want to speak with a member of the 10-4 Tow team in Santa Clara? Call us now!

Car donation

10-4 Tow Santa Clara

Car Donation

A Free Car Donation Towing In Santa Clara By 10-4 Tow

Experience the convenience of FREE car donation towing in Santa Clara with 10-4 Tow. We are dedicated to supporting worthy causes, such as the North Bay Cancer Alliance, and you can be part of it through our exceptional car donation program.

By donating your car, you can receive a valuable tax deduction. Yes, it’s true! Donating your car is quick and effortless. Our team will pick up your car at no extra cost and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.

If you have an unused old vehicle that you were considering selling, hold on! Here’s an opportunity for you to make a difference by donating it to charity through our car donation towing service, offering various benefits in return.

And here’s the best part: your car donation will directly support cancer patients, allowing you to contribute to a noble cause.

Getting started is a breeze:

  1. Donate your car through our car donation towing service in collaboration with the North Bay Cancer Alliance.
  2. Contact us either by speaking with one of our representatives or by submitting a donation form.

What does this project provide for you?

  1. No more spending money on car insurance.
  2. Your donation will have a direct impact on cancer patients.
  3. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt, providing you with additional benefits.

Make a difference today by donating your car. Reach out to 10-4 Tow and be part of our mission to support cancer patients and give back to the community.

Donate your car Easily

It will take you 2 Minutes - It will change their Life

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    Gallery: Santa Clara’s Wheels of Hope

    Step into our gallery and explore the recent car donations made through the 10-4 Tow Car Donation Program in Santa Clara. These vehicles symbolize Santa Clara’s commitment to supporting local charities and causes. As you peruse this gallery, you’ll encounter a diverse array of cars that have been generously donated, making a substantial difference in our city. Join us in celebrating Santa Clara’s spirit of giving and consider contributing to this remarkable initiative through your own car donation.