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Finding the Right Franchise for You

If you have money and time to invest in a new venture, buying a franchise is a terrific way to start a business as part of an established brand. It’s less risk than launching an independent enterprise and gives you access to the franchise’s resources. However, how do you know which franchise is right for you?

It’s a big decision. There are multiple factors to consider before you make your choice — join us as we take a closer look at the most important.

What are your personal goals for the business?

Think carefully about this. What do you want out of your franchise business?

Perhaps you want something that generates money, no matter what the work involves. Maybe you want to change careers and pursue a passion, putting personal interests over getting rich.

Of course, you could be buying the business to sell at a later date or pass on to a child in the future.

You have to be sure of your reasons for buying the franchise before parting with your money, no matter what they are.

How do other branches perform?

When you find one or two franchises that catch your eye, do a little research. How have other branches performed and what challenges have they faced? What demand is there for the franchise’s products / services in your local area? It is also recommended to run an online check for the brand.

Also, reach out to the franchise. Ask what level of support you can expect when you’re up and running. They may be willing to give you the details you need to help make your decision easier.

Where do your skills lie?

The right franchise will speak to your experience, skills and interests. For example, if you have spent years providing towing services to drivers and know how to deliver expert roadside assistance, you know where to look!

Of course, your skills might not necessarily align with your passion. In this case, you should consider which is more important: a good income or job satisfaction.

One might overrule the other. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to think this through carefully.

Do the franchise’s values complement your own?

You should only go into business with a franchise that has values you respect. If they offer good money and a stable position, will that compensate for poor ethics?

We doubt it. Never compromise on your values. Focus on finding a franchise you feel happy to work with for years or even decades.

Remember: yourself and your team will be representing the franchise. If you can’t immerse yourself in their company culture, you may be making things more difficult than they should be.

10-4 Tow is a new franchise company with branches nationwide. We have several branches across California, in Oakland, San Jose, San Leandro, San Diego, Sacramento, Stockton, Fullerton and Long Beach.

We’re dedicated to providing drivers with outstanding towing services, roadside assistance and car lockout solutions. We provide all technicians with in-depth training and quality equipment, delivering services of the highest standard for every call.

When you buy a 10-4 Tow franchise, you’ll be working with a committed group focused on helping drivers in the local community whenever they need us. We’re passionate about fast response times, 24 hour service and affordable prices for all budgets.

Like the sound of our franchise company? Want to get involved? Please don’t hesitate: pick up the phone and call our friendly team now!

For more info about joining our franchise click here.

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