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What You Need To Know About Heavy Equipment Towing

Heavy equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes. When we talk about “heavy equipment” we mean very big pieces of equipment or vehicles, for example: bulldozers, cranes, graders and other construction equipment and agricultural equipment, as well as vehicles such as RVs, trucks, buses, fire engines, etc. Heavy duty equipment and vehicles are designed to be stronger than usual equipment, to that they can withstand stress and work for a long time in difficult conditions.

You may be wondering then why heavy duty equipment needs to be towed if is so robust. Well, there are a few reasons that heavy duty equipment would need to be towed, the first is that sometimes these large piece of equipment do break-down and need to be towed to a garage or shop to be repaired. After all, heavy vehicles are just big vehicles, and they too break down occasionally. But, more often than not heavy duty equipment is towed for other reasons. Sometimes heavy duty equipment needs to be towed to the garage to be serviced and another reason for towing heavy equipment is to move it from one work site to another. It doesn’t matter why the heavy equipment needs to be towed, the important thing is to have a tow company that has the right equipment, which is professional heavy duty tow trucks, to do the job and of course the right people, professional tow truck operators who have been well trained and have experience with towing heavy equipment.

10-4 Tow Can Get Your Heavy Equipment To Where You Need It

Not all tow companies can manage towing heavy equipment, but 10-4 Tow works with a network of independent tow operators who bring with them a range of heavy duty tow trucks and their professional skill which enable them to tow all kinds of heavy equipment.

Our heavy duty tow experts work around the clock, so no matter when you need a tow we’ll be around to assist. We can also help if you need recovery services or roadside assistance for your heavy duty equipment, just give us a call and we’ll get things done fast and safely. We are also always happy to schedule having your heavy equipment hauled at a time that is good for you.

10-4 Tow Your Heavy Equipment Towing Experts

With fifteen years’ experience in the field, 10-4 Tow has established itself as more than just a regular tow company. We are growing fast and already have several branches spread over California and Texas. And, we put our customers in the heart of everything we do. Our teams of reliable tow operators work 24/7 to ensure that we are always available for every call, whether we are needed to change a tire or for heavy equipment towing. We have tow operators constantly on call so we can dispatch them as soon as we get your call for help and we’ve gathered the information we need to assess which truck is needed. We’re looking forward to helping you!