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High Quality and Affordable Semi-Trailer Towing Services by 10-4 Tow

High Quality and Affordable Semi-Trailer Towing Services by 10-4 Tow





10-4 Tow, with the help of towing experts, offers a full range of semi-trailer towing solutions. Your heavy-duty towing needs will meet a wide range of tow trucks and trailers of our affiliated pro.  Their semi-trailer towing services will be delivered by using top-grade tow trucks and driven by their highly-skilled tow truck drivers. Their towing services are especially known for being affordable, reliable, and of high quality.

Semi-Trailer Towing Services Require Heavy Duty Equipment

But first, what is a semi-trailer? A semi-trailer is a trailer having wheels at the back but supported at the front by a towing vehicle.

The business of semi-trailer towing is no laughing matter, and it requires heavy-duty equipment, skilled drivers, and professional handling. It’s no secret that any type of semi-trailer is expensive to buy, maintain and repair, and so the utmost care must be observed when towing a semi-trailer of any kind. Damaging vehicles during towing operations happens a lot more than owners might expect, which is something we always hope to avoid. That’s the reason why not all towing companies offer towing services to semi-trailers—they require a specialized type of equipment and a different set of skills from those normally expected of tow truck drivers. Lucky for our clients in Texas and California, we offer this service in the area, so our customers can take their semi-trailers out for a road trip, and rest assured that we’ll be ready to assist them in case they ever need a quick tow of their semi-trailers in case of accidents or emergencies while out in the sea.

Semi Trailer Tow
Semi-trailer Tow

We Arrive On Time and Respond Quickly

We offer a variety of heavy-duty solutions, such as:


We also offer 24/7 Heavy Duty Jumpstart and Heavy Duty Tire Change services.

Just as with our other types of towing services, we’re well aware that time is of the essence in semi-trailer towing. As we know that in emergency situations, it can even be a matter of life or death for our customers, we make sure to respond quickly, act swiftly, and arrive on time to a customer in need of a semi-trailer towing service.

Our Semi-Trailer Operators Are Trained and
Equipped to Respond to Any Situation

But of course, our services won’t amount to anything if our semi-trailer operators weren’t equipped to meet any challenge head-on.
As such, all our designated semi-trailer operators are skilled and continuously trained to handle any emergency they might encounter when it comes to towing semi-trailers out on the road.

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We offer a wide range of services aside from semi-trailer towing, including emergency roadside assistance, out of gas services, flat tire change, accident removal, car jump start, car lockout, car key, broken ignition key extraction, transponder key programming, key replacement, ignition replacement or repair, lock picking, and trunk opening.