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Our franchise company has already established successful branches in Plano, Arlington, and Carrollton — and now we’re bringing premium towing & roadside assistance solutions for customers who seek help to the Irving community too!

We’re committed to delivering fast, professional, honest service to drivers across the local area. This includes trained, experienced, and equipped technicians with the right tools for any job.

So, whether your family car breaks down during a leisurely drive, your work truck is damaged in a minor accident, or your key snaps in your door, you know who to call!

24/7 Service by 10-4 Tow’s Local Experts

Stuck by the side of a deserted road at midnight?

Engine won’t start when you’re all set to drive to work one morning?

Locked your car key in the trunk right when you’re supposed to pick the kids up from school?

We know how tough these (and similar) problems are when you just want to get where you need to be. Even the smallest issue can disrupt your schedule and ruin your plans.

And the worst part? Things can go wrong at any time.

But don’t worry: 10-4 Tow’s towing and roadside assistance solutions are available 24/7. Our friendly team is available to help you all day, every day — no matter what you need, we’ll make it happen.

Knowing that the best technicians are just a phone call away at any hour is just one of the reasons our loyal customers keep coming back again and again.

24hr Towing and Roadside Help by Experienced Technicians

10-4 Tow of Irving’s team dedicated to quality towing and roadside assistance solutions,  including the following services across the area:

With cutting-edge equipment, we always provide the most professional service. We also know a smile and a helpful attitude go a long, long way in an emergency situation. Our Irving towing can help you with all vehicle types safely, whether light, medium or heavy-duty.

Your time is precious. That’s why we take our quick response times so seriously.

10-4 Tow – Dedicated to Transparent Pricing for all Our Services

Trust 10-4 Tow of Irving to deliver outstanding services at competitive rates suitable for drivers on all budgets.

We know one of the last things you need to worry about when your car won’t start or you’re run off the road is money. We know you want help from an ethical team that charges a fair rate.

Our honest pricing policy ensures all our costs are affordable, with no hidden charges. We’ll give you a genuine quote when you call, so you know what fee to expect when the job’s done.

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