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Fast Open Trunk Services by Your Local Pro Team

Fast Open Trunk Services by Your Local Pro Team





Does your trunk refuse to open? Is the lid stuck no matter how hard you try to lift it?

Resist the temptation to grab a tool and try to pry your trunk open or pick the lock by yourself. You could damage your trunk and the lock if you’re not careful. And that means you might face hefty repair costs even if you do manage to get it open.

Leave the job to 10-4 Tow’s experts instead — we’ll open your trunk quickly, safely, and at a fantastic rate!

Open Trunk Services

Secure Open Trunk Services Available Now!

When you call your local 10-4 Tow branch, we’ll dispatch one of our highly trained, experienced affiliates to your location immediately. We only work with the best technicians and tow truck operators in the area for your total peace of mind.

We know that it can be hard to trust a stranger to work on your vehicle and try to open your trunk, even if they’re a qualified specialist. All of the professionals in our affiliate network carry the right tools for every call they take, including essential gear to open trunks on different cars. They will answer your questions and work efficiently to leave you fully satisfied.

And our affiliates know the local area, and its roads, in incredible detail. That means they understand how to find their way to any location as quickly as possible, regardless of traffic patterns or time of day.

Our dispatchers work with our affiliate technicians carefully, using the latest journey-planning tools to find the most convenient, efficient path for you.

24-Hour Open Trunk Solutions Specialist

Some towing and roadside assistance businesses may only operate during standard business hours. And that means their customers will have to find their own solutions if they can’t open their trunks outside of those hours.

That’s never an issue here: pick up your phone, get in touch with our dispatchers, and we’ll fix your problem.

Our 24/7 service is one of the many benefits of choosing 10-4 Tow when you need to open your trunk in an emergency.

You don’t need to worry about waiting hours for a local towing company to open its doors in the morning — we’re ready to take your call and send you the help you need at any time. It’s that simple!

Open Trunk Services
Open Trunk Services

Dedicated Open Trunk Service by a Driven Team

10-4 Tow has built an extensive network of branches across California and Texas, serving customers in San Diego, Fremont, San Francisco, Stockton, Arlington, Dallas, El Paso, Irving, and many other areas. We have helped countless drivers and vehicle owners with our massive list of services — including our open trunk solutions.

At each 10-4 Tow branch, trained staff work round the clock to deliver outstanding towing and roadside services. Opening trunks may be one of the simpler solutions our affiliates perform, but it can make a huge difference to a person’s day — so we take great pride in our work.

For instance, you might find your trunk won’t open before you have groceries to take to a relative or you need to get a map or blanket during a long journey. In either situation, a locked trunk would be a massive inconvenience, and might even prevent you from continuing with your plans.

But a quick call to your local 10-4 Tow office and you know a seasoned technician will be on their way to open your trunk. Our quick responses have allowed us to help many drivers get back into their vehicles and carry on with their day (or night) in good time.

Amazing Service, Amazing Prices

Our range of solutions includes much more than just open trunk services. Choose 10-4 Tow for:

Local Towing
RV Towing
Semi Towing
Heavy Equipment Towing
Boat Towing
Dump Truck Towing
Limo Towing Services
Shipping Container Towing
Semi-Trailer Towing
Motor Home Towing
Heavy Machinery Towing
Towing for a Car Donation
Long-distance Towing
Light Towing
Flatbed Towing
Heavy-duty Towing
Motorcycle Towing
Battery Jumpstart
Flat Tire Change
Gas Delivery and Refueling
Car door unlocking

And no matter which service you need, we’ll offer a fair, accurate quote when you contact our office. No hidden fees, no unreasonable charges. Just great service and prices to match.

Get in touch with your local 10-4 Tow office now to find out more!